Introducing Heatco

It’s great to send our message about Post Weld Heat treatment (PWHT) Solution and Services to you though this website: We are Heatco NDT Co.,Ltd is established in 1993 in Thailand with many kind of equipments, modern for PWHT we can serve with all your kind of requirements.

Vietnam is seem main market in our bussiness strategy. With a high working experience and professional of our employees for PWHT major attached good quality, effect and charisma for our partner when working togerher with us.Within 24 years in business field, we have completed a hundred of PWHT and other items project with a good quality and professional.

The projects we have done in some countries in ASIA like: Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. Our Solution – Services is supplied with all kind of Heat Treatment Items like: Pressure Tanks, Power Plant, Piping, Refinery plant, Furnace, Refrigenrated LPG Storage… Our Hope is bring the best solution – technical services to our partners, our commitment for quality & effect.

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